How to feel ready to book your branding shoot

Alright I’m just gonna say what you don't want to hear:

you might *never* feel totally ready to do a branding shoot

There’s always going to be reasons to wait.

There’s always going to be other things that come up.

There’s always going to be things you want to change about you body first.

There’s always going to be more goals you want to reach first.

Here’s the real secret:

the way to feel ready is by doing the thing

Cool, but what do you do if those other reasons keep winning out?

Check in with yourself and see what the real reason why you’re waiting is.

Are you nervous?

Totally legit! Most of my clients are before their shoot too. And then by the end of it they tell me how I helped them feel super at ease and comfortable. Something they didn’t even think was possible!

How to get through the nerves is to do it, experience it, and look back and realize that it was actually way better than you made it out to be in your mind.

Are you stressed about the planning?

What to wear, where to do it.. all the questions!

I got you! When you book your branding photo or video shoot with me I send you an amazing planning guide, ask you the right questions and help you figure out what the best things are for you and your brand. We’re a team!

Do you just feel generally weighed down by the pressure of it all?

I completely get that it can feel like a lot - financial investment, time, prep. And in an hour its all done!

So let’s chat before you book and find out which parts are overwhelming to you. Send me an email and we'll together figure out how to make this happen for you in the most ease-filled way possible.

email me!