Get Ready for your Brand Shoot

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably realize that I talk A LOT about the importance of getting brand photos done and all the little (and big) things that can go into planning your shoot and getting the most out of your photos.
And now I'm get to share my personal experience with getting my own brand photos done!
[Check out my Instagram highlight HERE to see my Stories leading up to it and the actual shoot day]

Ottawa Business and Branding Website Photographer

In another effort to practice what I preach I used my own house as the location.⁠⁠
Now, it's not a pretty house. It's an apartment that we've rented for 7 years and barely done anything with and then added two kids to.⁠⁠
BUT I always say almost any space can work if you get creative so that's what I did.

I chose 3  "scenes" within it to use and focused on making those 3 areas photo-ready.⁠⁠
Shot List⁠⁠
I brainstormed my shot list for a while before my shoot. Any time I was writing content and thought of a photo that could go with it, or saw something online that I liked I would add it to my list.⁠⁠

I also started a Pinterest board (you can check it out HERE if you're curious) of photo ideas that I liked for posing and overall look.