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Woman sitting on a couch and smiling in her Ottawa lifestyle branding photo shoot

So much more than a pretty picture

you have a constant flow of new, cohesive, on-brand photos to use at all times

you will see your confidence in front of the camera expand on every single shoot!

the planning gets easier every time + you will get a clearer vision on what you want

to get from each shoot

you will have your own personal cheerleader + support (me!). I will help you through

each shoot, every step of the way and I'm always here to answer your questions and

share those tagged photos because #community





Ottawa business branding photographer

what you get!

the goods:

four photo or video a year

30 edited photos per photo shoot

20+ video shorts per video shoot

Member portal filled with guides + resources to support you


annual or monthly payments - your choice!

+$50 one-time travel fee for locations outside of Ottawa



but what else will the membership do for me?

so glad you asked!

Click play on the video to hear a bit more about how it works for you and supports you and your dream biz!

Have any questions or want to join? Click below to send me an email and let's get started!

I'm ready to level up!

Still have questions?

Woman sitting on couch holding a mug in Ottawa branding photo shoot

Hi! I'm


Branding photographer + your own personal cheerleader.

Seriously, hyping you up during your shoot (and any time I can IRL) is one of my fave things.

And unabashedly overusing exclamation marks. It's my thing!

more about me




Does my shoot need to happen on a specific day?

do i need to start on a certain date?

Nope! There are four shoots a year included and it's totally up to you when you want to do them.

Not anymore! You can join any time that you're ready and your Membership will begin on the 1st of the upcoming month.



What if i want more photos than what's included

where do the shoots take place?

Great! There's an add-on option to purchase additional photos at any time from past or current galleries. All of your photos will be archived so you can always go back and get photos from past galleries if you want too.

That's up to you! We will talk about it when we're planning your shoot, but normally they happen in your space. Other options are renting a space (I can send you suggestions), borrowing a friend or family's home or coming to my home-studio space.



what if i want more or less than the included shoots a year?

can i pay by credit card?

Sure can! You can choose between annual or monthly payments and have the option to set up reoccurring credit card payments.

You can also pay by e-transfer if you'd prefer.

You can always add extra shoots throughout the year if you need it. They are the same price as non-members, but as a member you get more photos than usual!

If you want less than what's included this probably isn't for you. No hard feelings! Let's book you a single session.