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Ottawa Branding Small Business Marketing Photographer

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Ottawa business branding photographer

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Ottawa Business and Branding Website Photographer

Hi! I'm


Branding photographer + your own personal cheerleader.

Seriously, hyping you up during your shoot (and any time I can IRL) is one of my fave things.

And unabashedly overusing exclamation marks. It's my thing!

a few things about me

Ottawa Business and Branding Website Photographer

+ entrepreneurship is in my soul - from designing and selling craft kits at markets when I was 8, to running a sandwich business for truckers as a pre-teen, and everything else in between that lead up to now. I just can't stay away.

+ I have two kiddos, Bash + Mika, who are lovable tornados who have the magical ability to frustrate me like no other and then a second later have me saying how they're the best humans ever.

+ I call Ottawa home now, but part of my heart will always be in the Canadian prairies where I grew up. Nothing rivals a prairie sunset.

+ I hate playing board games. Or card games. Any games really. But I will watch everyone else play while I eat all the snacks and give quality side line commentary.




Does my shoot need to happen on a specific day?

do i need to start on a certain date?

Nope! There are four shoots a year included and it's totally up to you when you want to do them.

Not anymore! You can join any time that you're ready and your Membership will begin on the 1st of the upcoming month.


What if i want more photos than what's included

Great! There's an add-on option to purchase additional photos at any time from past or current galleries. All of your photos will be archived so you can always go back and get photos from past galleries if you want too.


can i pay by credit card?

I don't accept credit cards yet. E-transfer is best!