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You're here because you know in your soul that your take on your business is unique to you and it matters.

You can feel that you're past the do-it-yourself phase of your business and you're SO ready to spend your time more effectively on the things that truly light you up!

You're ready to take that next big step in your business and know that having support + investing in yourself is the only way to get there.

Welcome to Branding Photography + Videography with me!

We work together to bring your authentic self in front of your clients and customers in a way that feels good to you and shows them your joy + commitment to what you do.

And I'll be there, cheering you on.

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genevieve renaud - physiotherapist

jo tucker - coach

birch jewellery

Ottawa business branding photographer

Hi! I'm

Branding photographer + your own personal cheerleader.

Seriously, hyping you up during your shoot (and any time I can IRL) is one of my fave things.

+ entrepreneurship is in my soul - from designing and selling craft kits at markets when I was 8, to running a sandwich business for truckers as a pre-teen, and everything else in between that lead up to now. I just can't stay away.

+ I have two kiddos, Bash + Mika, who are lovable tornados who have the magical ability to frustrate me like no other and then a second later have me saying how they're the best humans ever.

+ I call Ottawa home now, but part of my heart will always be in the Canadian prairies where I grew up. Nothing rivals a prairie sunset.

+ I hate playing board games. Or card games. Any games really. But I will watch everyone else play while I eat all the snacks and give quality side line commentary.

Business and branding photography

don't just take my word for it....

Brand and Small Business Photographer Ottawa
Brand and Small Business Photographer Ottawa
Ottawa Business Photography

I absolutely love them !! Thank you so much!!

It was great working with you and I look forward to working with you again for sure.

Thank you again for bringing my vision to life, you're amazing!

I'm dying Amy, these are so good!

I can't thank you enough, they are exactly what I was hoping for!


WOW you are FAST and these are AMAZING!!!

SO great seeing you yesterday today and I've got to mention how great it is to work with you - I'm loving how organized, seamless this process is and how great the results look already!!

Thank you so incredibly much / I can't wait to get them on my website and share them!!

- Patty, artist

- Natalie, photographer

- Gillian, artist

Ottawa Branding Business Photographer

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