FIve outfit tips for your next branding photo shoot

One of the most common questions before a branding photo shoot is:

What should I wear?

And as annoying as it is there's really isn't a solid right or wrong answer. But the most important thing, beyond anything else I'm about to say is this:

you've gotta feel great in it!

How you feel in your clothes will always come through in your photos so keep that at the top of your mind when you're trying on your outfits before your shoot.

Okay, now on to the tips!

Colors + patterns

Basic rules: don't wear solid black or white. And busy patterns distract from your face and become the thing everyone looks at so avoid those!

Do wear colors that compliment your brand colors and aesthetic. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but you don’t want it to clash with your website either. Complimentary is key!

Don’t have brand colors yet? That's okay! Stick to neutrals with pops of colors that you can easily swap out throughout your shoot. That way you can still use the photos as you pull your brand together.


Make sure everything fits super well. You need to feel great in it, but if it clings it will show every little thing you might not want shown; and if it’s too oversized you’ll loose all your shape. Find the happy medium and a great fit.


Don’t just dress for the season that you’re currently in!

If you’re not in my Membership then you’re probably not doing a brand shoot every season (and if you want to be click here!). So if you only wear cozy sweaters because is January then you’re not going to want to use those photos when July comes around!

Layers are a great way to stay seasonally-neutral.


Accessories are a super great way to switch up looks and get more variety without doing a full outfit change!

They can also add more color and can double as a prop to play with. Win-win!

Plan ahead

And last, but not least don’t leave choosing your outfits to the night before your shoot!

Plan your outfits out ahead of time, try them on and make sure you have your complete looks ready to go a few days before. This way you're not stressed about it on your shoot day and can show up at your very best knowing that you're going to look, and feel, like the boss you are!

If you have any questions about choosing your outfits or what you should wear send me an email and let's figure out it! I also send you a prep guide when you book your branding photo shoot with me so that you will be 100% confident and excited going in to your shoot.

until next time!