DIY vs maybe... Not Doing It (all) Yourself?

I’ll be honest. I’m a big DIY-er in my business.

There are a lot of things I’d love to outsource, but either I haven’t found the right fit or I look at the price tag of hiring someone and just continue to do it myself (you're not the only one).

But there’s a few things I’ve come to realize happen with that decision:

⏰ When I DIY I’m choosing to spend waaaay more time on it with the potential of just not doing it at all. Instead of spending my time on the things that I really love and I’m good at.

😐️ I usually don’t feel super great about the outcome. It’s fine, but not exactly what I want because I’m not a graphic designer/web designer/SEO expert/insert professional here.

And these are all things that would build my brand towards what I want it to be and connect easier with future clients if I had help!

🤩 I’d be more confident and excited about sharing it all because LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS/WORKS/IS!!!

Us entrepreneurs are really good at trying to juggle it all and wear all the hats in our business.

Is being your own photographer one of those hats for you?

You probably have a phone camera and tripod thats "good enough" (until it's not)

You can fumble your way around it and get something that’s good enough to use for now (just takes about... 2 hours. Wait, what?)

Or do you just avoid it forever because taking your own behind the scenes videos is actually the worst 🫠

Yes, it’s an investment to work with a brand photographer. I'm not pretending it's not.

But it also gives you your time back!

It builds your confidence.

It makes you excited to use and share your photos and videos which makes creating content and launching your website that much better.

It removes the doubt of if you’re doing it right or “good enough”.

And it gives you exactly what you need to tell everyone about the amazing business you have and all the brilliant ways you can help them!

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