Let’s talk Props!

Let's talk about PROPS!

And how to use them to bring your style, personality and brand into your photo shoot.

It might feel easy to run around your house and grab a bunch of random stuff you like - or go shopping and fill your cart, but props are something that you really need to be intentional about.

Just remember that they are there to support your shoot not take over it!

Each thing that you bring into your photo shoot should fit in to one of these categories:

Brand Photo Shoot Props

Ask yourself:

- What tools and materials do I use?

- What products do I sell?

- How can I show my services in a way that will be obvious to my customers?

Brand Photo Shoot Props

- Does it compliment your brand colours?

- Will it flow with your website and branding or be distracting?

Brand Photo Shoot Props

- Does it make you happy?

- Is it something that is so you?

- Is it something you can use to tell us something about who you are?

Now it's time to get planning!

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