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Three must-have photos for your next branding photo shoot

Sometimes you can be super clear on the photos you need to get on your next branding shoot. But if you’re new at this or just aren’t quite sure where to start it can be daunting when your photographer tells you to “send me your shot list before your shoot!” (me, I’m the one that says that).

So here are three creative photos that you can add to your next branding photo shoot shot list!


I'm just going to say it: we don’t celebrate enough!

We'll do something, check it off and move on. We need to pause and celebrate more!

Having celebration photos in your brand photo library is always a good idea for that very reason.

Here are some ideas for you. Make it you!

  • Holding or pouring bubbly. Find a bottle that is on-brand!
  • Confetti. Make sure to do this photo last so you don’t have to clean up until the end ;)
  • Cake, donut, cupcake etc. It's super easy to get on-brand and have fun with! Add a candle for extra fun!

Bring your personality

Can you imagine if I didn’t elaborate and just left it at that - JUST BE YOURSELF (insert crying laughing emoji)

Here's the secret to the easiest way to get over the awkward feelings to stop focussing on the camera and to get some real life, natural laughs:

Throw something

No no, not AT the photographer (please) but in the air or past the camera!

Toss a hat, pillow, flowers, papers, something that works with your personality or business.

I guarantee it will get you some of your favourite, authentically “you” photos and help you shake off those nerves!

Physiotherapist helping client with posture

Bring a friend

So many things feel better and just more fun when you bring a cheerleader along. Aka a friend!

They're often the ones that get the true emotions to show (hopefully in only good ways. Choose your friends wisely ;) but they're also great to stand in as your client!

Go through the motions of what it’s like to really work with you and what your client will experience.

If you have online services or a shop we can show that too! Reinact a Zoom call, live workshop or course, or someone scrolling through your online shop ready to make a purchase.

So there are three must-have photos for your next branding photo shoot!

Want to easily make your own shot list for your next branding shoot?

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