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The other day I decided to take a dive into the ol’ Google analytics to see what you’ve been searching for to find me.

(did you know you can do this?! Look up “Google Console” and add your website and voila! You can see the keywords that people use in Google that make your website show up)

The top search for mine? Lifestyle Photographer Ottawa

'Branding photography' was on there too a few places down, but it made me realize that these are terms that most people use in a generic way and don’t realize have actual, different, meanings behind them!

Kind of like 'wellness' or 'coach'. Yeah, you know what industry they’re probably in, but it’s not that helpful when you’re looking for a specific type of person within those worlds.

So to help you know the type of photography you need for your business I'm going to bust some myths and show you the difference between Lifestyle photography and Branding photography!


This style started when family photos moved from portrait studio to the photographer coming to your house. The photos were of you and your newborn cuddling in the nursery or the whole family baking cookies together or jumping on the bed.

You in your real life, doing real life things, but captured in a beautiful way.

Over the years it moved its way into businesses too. Instead of just a headshot on a white background it became you sitting at your desk with your office or space as the background. Embracing the real-life part of what you do!

In the commercial photography world we called this “on location environmental portraits”. But wow I’m glad someone smart eventually coined the term “branding photography”. Sounds soooo much better.

Branding photography is any photo that you use in your business or brand!

For some people that means product photography, for others it’s you and your team, or if you’re a personal brand it could be you flying solo and doing your thing.

Lifestyle = the style of photography

Branding = the type of photography

Lifestyle + Family = casual family photos baking cookies

Lifestyle + Branding = working on your laptop on a couch with your favourite coffee mug and stack of notebooks that you never leave home without

Lifestyle + Products = your products in a real life setting. Not on a plain white background

If you’re still not sure what type of photos you need for your business then click here to do a quick quiz that will show you what type of branding photo shoot you is the right one for you and then you can download the free shot list to help you plan exactly what photos you’ll need on your next branding photo shoot!