My journey to clear confidence

Swirling. That's what Michele called it. We had been swirling in each other’s universes for a few years, but the timing finally was right. So I held my breath, filled out the online form and scheduled our clarity call.

You bet I cried more than once on our call when Michele asked me basically any question.

Even in that phone call I could feel that I needed this. Someone who listened, had answers, compassion and was offering not just coaching or styling. but a mentorship.

I didn't care what I wore.

I mean I kind of did, but it definitely wasn't a priority in my life with 2 little kids, a pandemic, and my business that I was trying to get momentum in after the aforementioned things felt like they had derailed it a few times.

I felt stuck. And blah. My appearance didn't help, but it felt silly to care that much about it when there was all the other stuff going on and I didn't think it was connected anyway.

what I've learned

The confidence in saying “no” to the things that aren't for me.

Not second guessing things and trusting my discernment instead.

Tools to know what to do next and what my next steps should be - in business and life!

Not trying to be different things for different people anymore, but instead I’m leaning into who I am and what I value.

The clothes: I quickly learned how and why to present myself in a way that boosted my confidence and my trust in my choices. And not to hate what was in my closet or feel like I needed more. I had everything I needed.

And people noticed too. Before I even finished the program I had more people commenting positive things about how I looked, but more than that they noticed how “something was different” with me and they could see how I was showing up differently, happier, more in tune with who I wanted to be and how I wanted to help people.

Michele’s guidance, mentorship, actionable steps, tool and her genuine care for ME really made it all come together and work for me. I know I couldn’t have got to this point without her because I had tried before and it never worked!

If you feel ‘blah’ about any part of your style, family, business, or self then I want you to know that there IS a better way to feel. Michele can help open your eyes to it, show you the tools to get where you want to be and teach you how to make confidence a lifestyle and not just something you keep trying to get.

You won’t just learn what to wear to look nicer.

You’ll learn what YOU should wear and the reasons WHY. You’ll learn how to make decisions about what to buy, how to put things together, and know with confidence what makes you stand out.

You’ll gain confidence in the choices you make and before you know it you will realize how that translates from clothes to your life and business.

This isn't sponsored or anything like that - but when you personally experience something as impactful as this you want to shout it from the rooftops for anyone like you to hear. If you feel like there should be more to where you're at, but you can't figure out how to get there, this might just be for you.