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Membership edition

The Brand Membership is my ***favorite*** thing I have for you!

I used to think of the “who” the membership is for by what you do.

Coach, physiotherapist, virtual assistant, psychologist, designer, maker, service provider... business owner.

But that isn’t your whole story. You are so much more than that title.

My members are people who are excited about what they're doing.

They are growing, or wanting to grow, in their business!

They're the ones who know they have something to share and that it's their uniqueness that sets their business apart from all the rest.

If that's you then keep reading to find out the answers to some of the questions that can come up around the Membership!

If I join when does it start?

What do I get exactly?

Right away!

When you join - aka sign the contract and make your first payment (you choose monthly or annual) your Membership begins!

We can schedule your first shoot as soon as my first availability or in a couple of months. Whatever you'd like to do.

You also get immediate access to the Member portal filled with resources, member-only stock photos and more to help you get started.

You get four shoots a year and you can choose between photo or video for each one.

From the photo shoots you get 30 final, edited photos included (more than a non-member shoot!) and from the video shoots you get 20+ clips (right now there is no audio included, but thats coming soon!)

You also get the Member-portal full of resources and other fun bonuses and stuff I add throughout the year!

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Videos: what do I use them for?

Where do the shoots happen?

If you're on the internet for your business at all you would've heard how video is becoming the queen of content.

It's a super great way to connect with your people, share your personality and show what it's like to work with you!

Before your shoot we chat about the main purpose of your videos and rom there you can more easily make your shot list and know what you're going to do with the videos.

You can use them as backgrounds on Instagram Stories, for Reels, on TikTok, banners or backgrounds on your website or anywhere else that video can be!

They can happen pretty much anywhere but these are the most popular choices:

- your space (home, studio, office, etc)

- my home studio

- rent a studio (Ottawa has a bunch of amazing ones!)

- outside

The biggest thing to think about for your location is the type of content you want to get and your brand aesthetic.

If you're a physiotherapist and you want to show yourself working with a client you probably don't want to come to my space because I don't have the right equipment. But it would be a better option than a dark practice room with all dark furniture.

When we plan your shoots I can help you find the best location!

Ottawa branding lifestyle photographer

I'm ready! How do I join?

I know I need photos + videos of myself, but I'm nervous and don't even really want to do this

Yay! This is going to be incredible. YOU are already incredible and I can't wait for you to see it too in your first shoot.

You can the button below which will take you to my inquiry form. From there you can tell me a bit about yourself and then I'll send you the contract and payment info.

Once that's completed you'll gain access to the member portal, your shoot planning guides and we can get your first shoot scheduled!

First off, you're not alone. And secondly, I'm not going to tell you that you have to "show your face" in order to have a successful business! You do you.

But I will say that before a shoot most people feel intimidated about getting in front of the camera. It can feel super vulnerable to have the spotlight on you and can bring up self-confidence doubts and thoughts around what we personally consider our flaws.

BUT the after is so incredible. I've heard it from clients over and over again, and especially from my members, that the experience was so much more fun and relaxing than they thought was possible.

That they love their photos and themselves in them.

That they would actually do this again! And my members have realized quickly how much easier it all becomes when we work together over and over again.

We get to know each other which helps your comfort and gets rid of pre-shoot nerves.

You get to know yourself in photos and videos. What you love, what you need more of, what you don't.

And combining those things creates so much ease in creating content for your business and takes it off your plate so you can focus on your own clients and the things you really love doing.

I'm ready!

Ottawa Branding Lifestyle Small Business Photographer

If you still have questions you can send me an email, DM me over on Instagram or check out the FAQ on the Membership website!

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