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It's a long story...

A lot of people have been asking me “how's your summer going?"

Instagram will show you that I'm living this freedom-and-flexibility life (the entrepreneur dream!) of being outside all day, beach days on a Tuesday and family time x10.

It's all true, I am doing these things!

But here's the honest truth that no one seems to talk about: it's hard.

When you see me out with my kids all day every day it's not necessarily by choice. It's because we don't have childcare and they're not in camps etc.

And if you have kids you know how impossible it is to take a laptop out to try and get something done with a 4 year old around.

I'm not sharing this for a woe-is-me story. I love that I get to spend so much time with my family and enjoy summer to the fullest!

I'm sharing this because:

our own expectations have a huge impact on how we see things

I expected that the kids would play more on their own (they don't which equals frustrated and impatient mom)

I'm a failure as a parent because my kids aren't independent

I expected that I would be able to work here and there throughout the day (turns out I can't mentally jump in and out as easily as I thought)

my business is crumbling around me

When my expectations didn't happen - over and over again for half the summer - I would get so frustrated and straight up sad. Like crying on the floor moments.

I missed my business. Working in it gives me energy and fills me up!

And then I remembered what I learned in my first year of motherhood:

changing my expectations changes my perspective

and in turn makes pretty much everything better.

Instead of expecting my kids to play on their own I'm planning fun outings for us and being fully present with them.

Instead of expecting that I'll get XYZ done for my biz during the day I'll prioritize and do ONE THING (this was my early motherhood days hack I learned too. Just pick one thing and do that!)

So hi! This is shifted-perspective me:


Enjoying the mom-time 1000 times more and without resentment.

Focusing on the amazing, wonderful clients I have.

Embracing the season (literal and figuratively) I'm in - instead of trying to push through it.

Whew. That was a big heart-share, but if it connected with you in any way then I'm glad I did.

If you're in a season of hard maybe the thing to make it a little less hard is making a shift in your expectations.