what is branding photography &

do i even need it?

What do I do with brand photos?

Great question! So glad you asked ;) Your brand photos should support your online presence (website and socials) with consistency and create brand recognition.

Syncing all your profile photos, email signature photo (yes, you should have one!) and website helps people recognize and remember you!

Getting them done regularly (hello, Brand Membership!) also builds up a vault of personalized images for you to have on hand whenever you need them.

Ah, catchy buzz words.

'Branding photography' definitely felt like it started out that way, but now it's a fully formed tool for you to use in your business!

In short branding photos are photos that you use to market yourself and/or your business.

If you are a service provider then your brand photos will most likely be photos of yourself interacting with your clients, showing your client experience (what it's like to work with you) and show who you are.

If you're a maker or sell products and aren't really the face of your company then your brand photos will be more lifestyle products photos or styled shoot aka your products in real life situations or being used/worn.