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Three things I wish i knew when i started my business

I've learned a lot in the last 10+ years of being a full time entrepreneur but here are the top three things I've learned that I wish I believed a whole lot sooner!

Stop putting things off - everything doesn’t have to be perfect! Your logo is going to change eventually (that’s a good thing, a sign of growth!), your business name doesn’t have to be permanent. Your website will always be a work in progress. Hit publish, go live, launch the course. You can't get where you want to be if you wait for perfection.

Find some people you trust and respect who are a few steps ahead of you. Ask them lots of questions! Remember, there was a time when they didn’t know the answers either.

Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Do your thing in a way that brings you joy! Even if it’s not the way everyone else seems to be doing it or they way "they" say you have to to be successful.

You’re allowed to change direction or try something different. Nothing has to be permanent and it’s not a “failure” if you decide to move on! Don’t put off your dreams - your life can’t afford that.

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