twelve ways to use your branding photos in your business

Yay, you have your new branding photos! You love them, have downloaded them.... now what?

Here are twelve ways to use your branding photos!

1. your profile photos

The first and easiest way to use your branding photos is by updating your profile photos and making them cohesive. Choose your favorite photo where we can see your entire face looking at the camera.

Now go switch that everywhere! Google, Zoom, socials, etc and you're already levelling up.

2. email signature

Yep, your email signature is a great place to put your photo. It adds that familiarity to your emails and helps people connect with you when they can see your face.

3. podcast covers

If you have your own podcast or are a guest on one this is the perfect place to use your branding photos!

4. Reel / Instagram Live / YouTube covers

Save your branding photos in an album on your phone so anytime you need to grab one quickly to use as a cover you're good to go.

5. Canva graphics

Upload your photos to Canva so you can easily add them into your graphics when you're creating them.

6. workshops + courses

Make your presentations and courses more engaging with your branding photos wove into it.

7. blog posts

Use them as a header or feature image or through out your post to break up blocks of text and keep people interested!

8. lead magnets

A lot of lead magnets, especially from people with online businesses, are some kind of digital download. Add your branding photos into the graphics in yours to keep your brand visual consistent from the first time someone opts in.

9. email list + opt-in forms (Flodesk code)

And speaking of opting in: those opt-in pop ups are a great place to add your photos too! you send to your list.

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10. social media posts

This is the obvious place that people think of using their branding photos and they're not wrong. Try using them in a way that makes you stand out! Like posting engaging carousals (ie which of these [expressions] are you today?) or using the ones that really show your true personality. Give me a genuine laugh any day and that will get all my Likes.

11. printed marketing materials

If you have a promo, event or anything like that coming up bring your branding photos into the printed pieces to keep your branding consistent and recognizable!

12. website

The most obvious option, but also the biggest impact on your clients:

your website.

Infuse your entire website with your branding photos - not just one photo on your About page. Sprinkle those branding photos all throughout your website so people browsing around will know exactly who you are and what it's like to work with you!

I hope that gave you some inspiration and motivation to get your photos off your laptop and out in the world!

Remember: they're a tool for you to use to show us who you are, what it's like to work with you and what you have to offer.

xoxo -