I’m throwing out the “shoulds”

March 13, 2022

I'm throwing out the shoulds

Sharing on Instagram every day… won’t get you clients.

Your email list isn’t actually the key to your success.

Starting a podcast, joining TikTok, signing up for all those amazing “valued at $10,000 but yours for only $97” courses. None of them will propel your business forward.

Sometime even when we know things we forget when we're head-down in our business.

Putting so much of ourselves into these things because we feel like we're “supposed to” if we really want to get where we want to be in our business is soul and energy sucking, isn't it?

I’ve been feeling a huge pull lately that there must be another way. That doing or not doing these things can’t hold the fate of our businesses.

There must be something missing. And I figured out what it is for me.

I’ve got to find the way that I enjoy sharing the most. AND acknowledge that it might change in different seasons of business and life.

Mind blowing, I know! (*sarcasm* there if you missed it haha)

But hear me out. My go-to for the last couple of years has been the ‘gram. I enjoy writing captions and scheduling a month ahead. It lets me say something valuable, share my work (brand photos) consistently, and feel productive on the app.

But last summer I got caught in the trap of doing it “right”. I signed up for the social media course, made it half way through and tried to do it how they said. Because it clearly worked for other people - they grew their business with it! And I wanted that too.

But let me tell you, although the info and strategy was great and I did learn a lot about one way to do it, it’s affected my mindset for the past 8 months. I’ve had “finish course” on my to do list for over half a year. Every time I see it I feel like I’m not doing IG right because I haven’t finished the modules and because I’m not doing it like they say that’s clearly that’s the reason why my business is slow.

I know. It sounds ridiculous.

And then there’s the ever changing updates and algorithm that make you feel like you can never keep up with the latest thing you need to do to be seen.

So what’s my point?

If you’re not enjoying the way you’re sharing, contributing or consuming then change it!

Regardless of what the internet says you should do. The course creators. The algorithm gods. The marketers. The brand photographers ;)

You need to enjoy how you're sharing and feel energized and personal growth from it otherwise it’s not sustainable.

For me, that used to be blogging. Instagram is still great, but it’s becoming more disheartening when even your own followers don’t see what you put out there.

So I’m turning back time and bringing back blogging without pressure. Woohoo!

Sometimes I’ll share value packed content that you’ll learn something from. Sometimes maybe just some photos I’m loving. And probably more often than not l share whatever is on my mind and heart that I can’t shake and need to put out in words somewhere.

Will this sky rocket getting new clients? Highly unlikely. Does that matter? Not at all.

Will it fill me up to spill words and beautiful things here? 1000%.

So, hi.

Welcome back me, and welcome to you. Thanks for being part of this - and don’t forget to look at the “shoulds” that you’re doing and double check that they’re filling you up and not draining you.

xoxo -

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