Website Photo shoot with 692 Coffee and bar

Is there anything better than finding your new favorite coffee shop? You know the ones. You walk in and immediately want to start Instagramming it because it’s so gorgeous, but you keep it together while you go order your coffee and snack. Your order comes so you go sit down at the cute table with perfect window light or get cozy in the leather chairs and decide you’re never leaving.

That’s 692 Coffee and Bar in Manotick. Ashley Izsak was the interior designer and also did their website design which was where I came in!

We worked together to create photos of the space that showed off their brand and the welcoming feel of the cafe.
I also captured photos of the owners in action to keep it natural and authentic and finished off with some food photography of their favourite menu items (and I can say from experience that the sandwiches and pastries tasted as good as it they look!)

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day!