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Photography for women building their business

brand photoshoot


Imagine never wasting your valuable time scrolling through your camera roll looking for the perfect photo again.
Imagine if you always had new images for your website, courses, socials, launches, content and it was ready to use!
Imagine actually enjoying photoshoots and not being stressed about any part of it.

Imagine liking, no LOVING photos of yourself!

That’s what the Membership can do for you!

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connect to your ideal client with brand photos that set you apart

what's included






member-only bonuses!

20 final photos

four photo shoots a year

Getting new photos ever quarter guarantees you will have the right photos you need at the right time!

You'll be able to update those profile photos to match the seasons and always stay current with what you're offering to your audience.

During each quarter you'll receive

- tips and resources to help you use your photos most effectively

- business and social tips

- exclusive giveaways

- surprise snail mail on occasion!

All of this for only $350+hst per quarter/shoot.

Full payments are due on the day before each shoot OR it can be divided into monthly payments.

You'll get an online gallery from each shoot and this is where you will choose your 20 photos from.

These galleries will always be available to you so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything.

There's also an add-on option to purchase additional photos at any time.

$350+hst per shoot

four 30-minute sessions

quarterly extras

high res+web ready images

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Woman standing outside LD Shoppe wearing Birch Jewellery necklace

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Does my shoot need to happen on a specific day?

do i need to start on a certain date?

Not at all. As long as each one happens within the time frame of your Membership level it doesn't matter to me which day or month we do it on!

Yes, doors to the Membership are only open at certain times. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next opening is!


What if i want more photos than what's included

Great! There's an add-on option to purchase additional photos at any time from past or current galleries. All of your photos will be archived so you can always go back and get photos from past galleries if you want too.


can i pay by credit card?

Sorry, I don't accept credit cards. E-transfer is best!

Level 1

what's included:

four 30-minute photo shoots a year, one each season

twenty edited high resolution + web-ready digital images

online gallery + archiving of all of the photos from your shoots

monthly emails with extra goodies

personalized stock photos for you to use between your shoots

The Photo Shoot Prep Guide

personalized brand shoot inspiration board