Branding photo shoot with artist emilie darlington

I was SO excited to do this branding photo shoot with Ottawa visual artist, Emilie Darlington and it totally lived up to expectation! Emilie had a gorgeous studio where we did most of her photos and then we went down to her office in the basement where she’s done the most incredible mural *heart eyes* I loved everything about my shoot with her and here are some of my favorite photos we got that day!

Hi! It’s me. Your Ottawa branding photographer

If that title isn’t good for SEO I don’t know what is! No really, I have no idea what is. I really need to take a course on that or something 😉 ANYWAY I’ve been doing so many branding shoots in Ottawa lately that I love and I wanted somewhere to share them other than Instagram where things seem to fade away so quickly. Then one day I realized that I could bring back the blogger in me and start sharing them here! So welcome to the first instalment of Amy Zambonin: human /photographer /wife /mom /community builder /BLOGGER Let’s see how this goes…