Photo Shoot with The Quirky Carrot

It was a hot July day when I made the little road trip from Ottawa to Alexandria to photograph Julia, owner of The Quirky Carrot, and her father who does some of the baking for the cafe.

It doesn’t take much to see how much fun these two were to hang out with and watch work together! Their laughter and presence was so joyful it really showed off what a gem of a place The Quirky Carrot is to be in!

I was sent there on assignment for Edible magazine and I love how I get to tie being an Ottawa small business photographer with photographing editorial stories like theirs.

Technically this was an editorial photo shoot, but the images I was able to capture that day also fell inline with what a branding photo shoot of s small business could look like too 🙂

Take a look below at some of my faves and click here to see more shoots like this!